Distance Learning – Crafting Your Child’s at-home “Classroom”

January 28, 2021

If you were to walk into a traditional classroom, you would see a room dedicated to learning. Anchor charts are a common tool that adorn classroom walls, school hallways, and bulletin boards. An anchor chart, in essence, is poster created to “anchor” student learning in a visual manner. Anchor Charts: 101 explains that an anchor chart is an effective teaching tool that supports student learning.

Anchor charts are easily one of my favourite teaching tools. They are are easy to create and allow students to complete their work with more independence, as they can quickly reference them to answer common questions.

You can utilize anchor charts for your student while they are distance learning. You can do so WITHOUT having to adorn your home with colourful posters reminding your child about grammar rules, math concepts, or the scientific method.

An easy way to get pre-made, digital anchor charts, is to search online. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to create a free account with www.teacherspayteachers.com (this is not a sponsored ad.). Here you can find tons of free (and paid) learning resources for your child. Use phrases like “portable anchor charts”, “word walls”, “anchor charts”, or specific units your child is studying.

Photo From: https://www.craftingjeannie.com/distance-learning-home-setup/

Next, take a look at how Crafting Jeannie set up a virtual learning space for her learners. Using a tri-fold board, duct tape, and other items found at dollar stores (or already in your home), you can create a space for your own anchor charts. The best part about this diy project, is that you can customize your board for your child’s specifics needs. As your child masters specific concepts, you can easily swap out anchor charts. A binder can be used to store your anchor charts.

If your child is able, have them create their own charts. This will reinforce what they have learned and increase the likelihood of them using their board. Another benefit, is they can quickly find the information that they need. A binder can be used to store your anchor charts, or used instead of a tri-fold board.

Other ideas for storing or displaying your anchor charts:

Photo From: Monkey Bars – Resources for Little Learners