About Me

Welcome! My name is Erin and I am an Ontario Certified Teacher (Primary/Junior), private music teacher, and mother. I have over 7 years of classroom teaching experience and have taught in many other settings (workshops, seminars, mentoring, and more!). I hold both a Bachelor of Music degree and Bachelor of Education degree and have been playing the piano for over 25 years.

Located in Chesterville, Ontario, I offer academic tutoring, educational consulting, and music lessons.

‚ÄčAcademic tutoring can include anything from homework help, to a detailed and goal-oriented individualized learning plan. I work with your student to ensure success in specific subject areas or curriculum content.

I can also assist in your family’s homeschooling journey. Working with you, I will help to develop a year plan tailored to your family’s needs, provide unit plans for specific subjects and grade levels, or assess your students’ academic achievements. I provide a wide range of services that take the stress and guess work out of home schooling or distance learning.

‚ÄčMusic lessons are available to those looking to enjoy expanding their musical abilities. Introductory workshops and private music lessons are offered. Group music classes will be coming soon!

Currently, all services are only offered virtually. When restrictions are lifted, in-person teaching will become another option available.

Both academic tutoring and music lessons can be done virtually or in my home (with appropriate COVID-19 safety measures in place). Any teaching or consultations done within my home occurs in a bright room, with natural lighting and its own entrance. The tutoring and consulting space is separate from the remainder of the home. The piano is located within the home itself. Both areas have space for a parent to sit and listen to the lesson. I follow COVID-19 safety protocols (masks are worn, sanitizer is available, and both the space and materials are thoroughly disinfected before and after each student). 

Depending on your location, there is the possibility of tutoring or music lessons in your home (travel fees would incur).