Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are available for students working at the Kindergarten – Grade 6 level.

Photo Courtesy: Gustavo Fring

Customize your learning journey by choosing one of our packages or working with us to design your own. Family rates are available.

Package #1 ($30/Hour): 
Hourly-Based: Can be broken into 30-Minute sessions.
This package is best suited for homework help, or short-term subject-specific assistance, or even a one-time tutoring session to catch up on assignments.

Package #2 ($150):
Subject-Based: 5 Hours of tutoring that can be broken into 30 minute sessions. Includes a customized learning plan for subject-specific needs, with at-home learning suggestions.  
This package will benefit students who thrive with individualized support in specific subjects such as reading, writing, or mathematics.

Package #3 ($100 base + $30/Teaching Hour):
On-Going: Tutoring includes a customized learning plan, homework help and remedial assistance.
This package is designed to help students who would benefit with ongoing support in one or more subject areas. The base fee includes the creation of the customized learning plan, creation of subject-specific learning materials, and monthly learning reports that allow parents to track their child’s progress. A minimum of 8 hours of tutoring is required.